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Managed Hosted Services


Many organisations are under constant pressure to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their critical business systems. To set up and manage your own infrastructure and servers, manageslide4 and maintain critical applications and make sure that your systems are protected from external threats such as viruses, spam and hackers, you need specialist skills and 24/7 support. Many businesses however, do not have the necessary resources available to sustain this type of support for their business.

Eurotek UK together with Rackspace® can therefore offer expertise and advice on providing these services tailored to suit your needs using the latest technology in Cloud Computing.

We generally recommend the hosted route to our customers for the following reasons:

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Low predictable monthly service costs
  • Delivery of new functionality, quickly and easy
  • Comprehensive managed security
  • Guaranteed reliability

Email & Collaboration

Email &amp Collaboration tools have become a critical business service. There are very few organisations that could operate effectively without it. However there are some challenges attached:

  • Running a system reliably and cost effectively
  • Dealing with relentless viruses and spam
  • Keeping pace with demands for new capabilities
  • Protecting against litigation and system abuse

We can offer Microsoft® Hosted Exchange that manages your email on servers in a professional Data Centre, and can provide Migration tools to migrate your existing email to the new platform.

Microsoft® Hosted SharePoint allows collaboration between work colleagues regardless of physical location.

Managed Cloud Services

What is managed cloud?

Managed cloud is how Rackspace delivers Fanatical Support® in the cloud era. Leveraging over 15 years of experience working with hundreds of thousands of customers globally and over half of the FORTUNE®
100, our managed cloud approach addresses the most common pain points businesses struggle with when building and managing their IT infrastructure.

The managed cloud includes a system of six key functions that help tailor scalable architecture to your technical needs, managed by a team of IT professionals and supported 24x7x365 by our open cloud engineers.
We apply this approach across our entire portfolio of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions, giving our customers the most flexibility when designing for specific workloads—such as ecommerce, multimedia or inter-office applications.

How does managed cloud help my business?

At the core of managed cloud is the belief that while an IT layer is important to the success of any business, it rarely creates a competitive advantage in industries outside of technology. Managed cloud allows our customers to invest their resources in activities that will grow their organization, create revenue and differentiate from competitors.

  • Architecture: Prevent problems and hedge against technical debt by collaborating with one of our OpenStack® professionals to design a solution that helps meet your technical requirements now and in the future.
  • Scale: Adapt to the changes in your business needs quickly and economically with a strategy for scaling your technical footprint.
  • Monitor: Intelligent decisions are made with intelligent data. Managed cloud can help monitor strategic parts through your entire stack.
  • Alert: Rapid response to problems as they arise. With our Managed Operations service level, Rackspace engineers are available around the clock to help you diagnose and mitigate a number of issues.
  • Operations: Create stability within your IT environment by allowing Rackspace to help you implement solutions and features for a more secure and performant fleet of servers.
  • Administration: Put your focus where it counts by letting us manage your servers, storage and network devices.

While other hosting companies look to drive down costs through strict rules of “we aren’t responsible for that”, we’re prepared to help with the heavy lifting of operating workloads at scale with a relationship based on results.

The right fit

Rackspace recognizes that not all workloads are created equal and allows for customers to determine where in their technology stack they want Rackspace to help.

Managed Infrastructure service level — for customers comfortable managing their own servers,
Managed Infrastructure focuses on maintaining a foundation for IT operations, including data center management, networking and hypervisor management.

Managed Operations service level — Focus entirely on your key applications and leave the rest to us.
Managed Operations manages your individual servers, storage and network devices, liberating you from platform management and administrative tasks. Available in both the traditional SysOps model as well as an automation-focused DevOps approach.

Please contact us for a no obligation discussion on how we can help you.

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