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File, Exchange & SQL Backup

Scheduled Backup & Restore

Online Backup

Protect your files and application data against deletion, loss, corruption etc. Ideal for laptops, PCs and servers.

Our File Backup Client runs on multiple platforms which includes Windows, Mac and Linux. Not only can you securely backup your files, we also include free SQL and Exchange backup agents to protect your key servers.

Customise your retention policies per backup job, time to run and how often a day you would like a backup to run. With one account, you can backup multiple machines, making it easier to mange your backups. Daily large file backups made easy using block changes technology so you only backup the changes in a file, not the entire file.

  • Backup Files, Exchange and SQL Offsite
  • Fast and very secure
  • Schedule backup
  • Multiple Backup Sets
  • Restore from anywhere
  • Cross Platform support
  • Local backup support
  • Fully managed or non managed accounts
  • Easy to use


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